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The Soul of  CryptoTradingFund

Imagine a World Where Your Everyday Actions Could…

Tackle and Prevent Real World Issues

Create Opportunities for Education and Equality 

Accelerate Life-Changing Science and Technology 

Making the Web3 World


Create Opportunities for Education and Equality Create Opportunities for Education and Equality Create Opportunities for Education and Equality 

Everything we do is designed to support one powerful ecosystem:


The Web3 Movement for Everyone

Connecting people to new and inspiring products and possibilities.

The Web3 Platform for Innovators

Partnering with inventors of the future, to develop world-changing technology.

How are we here for?

Our  Community

The people who build conversation and meaning around our work.

Our  People

Our team, our colleagues and contractors.

Our  Population

The people who our work and our inventions are intended to help, even when they don’t know who we are.

Our  Customer

The people we serve through our products.

Our  Partners

The people we choose to work with on our SWaP and technology programs.

For Everyone

The people we have yet to encounter.


Nourshing Medals


Day of Education


Day of Clean


Trees Planted


Day of Medical Care

Platforms and Technologies

We embrace the very best technologies to bring our visions to life.

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